Lemon Tart

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Sharp and zesty lemon curd, topped with sweet meringue pieces, all cradled together in a rich but thin buttery biscuit crust. The OG Lemon Tart flavour that has won multiple awards across the globe.

3mg or 6mg | 10ml | 30:70 PG/VG


A divine Lemon Tart e-liquid, known around the world as one of the best dessert flavours available. Consisting of a rich buttery biscuit inhale, laced with a tangy lemon filling, that counteracts the sweet meringue exhale. Vape Dinner Lady High VG 10ml e-liquids combine 70% VG and 30% PG to create impressive, dense clouds with a rich flavour. Available pre-mixed as either 3mg or 6mg nicotine strengths.


The heart of the Vape Dinner Lady brand is the now famous Lemon Tart. The reason the brand is known globally as an iconic e-liquid dispensary is their multi-award winning Dessert flavours. Reminding vapers of a sweet but tangy treat, the infamous tart consists of a buttery biscuit base filled to the brim with lemon curd and topped with frosted meringue pieces. Commonly referred to as ‘cloud-chasing juice’ this e-liquid contains a pre-mixed strength of either 3mg or 6mg dependant upon the product selected when adding to basket. Blending 30% of Propylene Glycol (PG) with 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) to focus firmly on rich flavours with impressive clouds and therefore appealing to sub-ohm vapers.

The 10ml sizing of these High VG e-liquids give vapers the opportunity to sample the flavour at a lower cost compared to a 50ml shortfill. Allowing vapers to find their favourite flavours at a fraction of the price, whilst being convenient in size to carry in a pocket on nights away from home.

Made in Great Britain, all Vape Dinner Lady e-liquids are finished products that are both MHRA and TPD compliant. Dinner Lady operates strict Quality Control Measures within clean room laboratories and state-of-the-art operational facilities right here in the UK.

How To Use

The 10ml bottle features a child proof cap and tamper evident seal that requires the user to push and unscrew the lid of the bottle anti-clockwise simultaneously to access the product. Packaged within a recyclable bottle, box and safety leaflet.

Typically used for sub-ohm vaping, Vape Dinner Lady High VG 10ml’s can be used with either Sub-Ohm Box Mods or Pen Style Devices. These devices have higher power outputs and when paired with lower resistance coils, enables the device to vaporise thicker, High VG e-liquids at higher temperatures. Creating thick, flavourful, fluffy clouds.

High VG 10ml’s are also compatible with Pod Style Devices when using a sub-ohm coil and a higher wattage.

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3mg, 6mg


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