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E-Liquids Explained 🤔

E-Liquids are the heart of Fred_Vapour™️. Starting with Dinner Lady’s simple thought – how can we produce and the best premium quality e-liquids with nostalgic flavours that remind vapers of a time gone by. Fred_Vapour™️ then steps in to distribute these products at student friendly prices, allowing a premium quality alternative to smoking without the premium price tag.

Quite simply we live (and literally breath) our e-liquids so we feel more than qualified to take you on a journey to explain exactly what they are.

What’s in a name? Why we use the term e-liquid and what it means.

So why e-liquid? It’s a very good question as it in fact suggests some sort of electronic liquid, which we can assure you is not the case! The term really derives from the way vaping first developed – when everything was an e-cig and it only seemed to follow that the liquid contained within was an e-liquid. These days people all use terms such as vape juice and vape liquid, or even just liquid for ease. It doesn’t matter what you call it – its whats on the inside that counts.

Its all about the ratio

The first thing you will notice about e-liquids are terms such as VG:PG and 30:70. This is quite simple really, it’s a ratio! Just like you use 4oz of flour to 2oz of butter (okay, I’ve not baked for a while) with VG and PG, you can use both liquids in ratio to create the finished product. VG is vegetable glycerine while PG is propylene glycol, not the friendliest of words so we abbreviate to VG:PG.

Flavour or vapour

We’ve told you what the ratio is but why use two different ingredients – well it’s easy, one holds the flavour and one creates the vapour. The PG is an effective medium for carrying flavour compounds but is a thin liquid so would produce a light mist rather than a full vapour cloud. PG also provides the smoking like hit at the back of the throat. VG meanwhile is a thick and syrupy liquid – when heated it produces a high level of vapour, great for the smoking like effect on exhale.

Tell me what’s your flavour

Speaking of flavour, this is our favourite part – this is why Dinner Lady is here! Producing premium e-liquids with the aim of creating the most true to life flavours possible. Vape Dinner Lady’s Lemon Tart has won over 40 awards worldwide for its true to life taste. We cannot tell you exactly how the flavour aspect gets added to the mix but we can tell you we use food grade flavourings which are mixed with the PG:VG to create a complete liquid.

The nicotine dilemma

Obviously, nicotine is an important part of vaping – it is the main reason people choose vaping instead of traditional tobacco products – but did you know not all e-liquids have the same type of nicotine. We aren’t about to get all scientific with this but in simple terms there are two methods of producing pure nicotine which create two different ‘products’. The first is freebase nicotine, this was the way nicotine was produced in the past and is still widely used today. The second is nicotine salts, a newer innovation which has some major advantages over freebase – the main one being the chemical composition of the compound more quickly enters the bloodstream and is therefore, most similar to smoking.

Freebase nicotine is preferred to be consumed at a lower dosage, due to the mimicked ‘throat hit’ being harsh upon inhale. Salt nicotine however has allowed higher strengths to be consumed (up to 20mg) without compromising flavour, coincidentally becoming the easiest method for heavy smokers to transition to vaping.

Author: Vape Dinner Lady

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