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Drinks Iced Tea Launch

Drinks Flavoured E-Liquid 🍹

Introducing 3 exciting new Iced Tea drinks flavoured e-liquids including Peach Mint, Mango and Lemon Iced Tea. Available exclusively in UK Shortfill 50ml. Dinner Lady manufacturers a variety of drinks e-liquid flavours to give the widest possible choice for customers who prefer refreshing, drink style vape flavours. The refreshing, light and often fruity taste of […]

E-Liquids Explained 🤔

E-Liquids are the heart of Fred_Vapour™️. Starting with Dinner Lady’s simple thought – how can we produce and the best premium quality e-liquids with nostalgic flavours that remind vapers of a time gone by. Fred_Vapour™️ then steps in to distribute these products at student friendly prices, allowing a premium quality alternative to smoking without the […]

What Ban On Menthol Cigarettes? 🚭

What Ban? On May 20th the planned European ban on Menthol cigarettes comes into effect and for menthol cigarette smokers, life may never be the same again. At least that’s what some advertisers are saying, because the Menthol Tobacco Market is worth around £1-2 billion per year in the UK alone, and that spending now appears to […]

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